Last Updated: Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Curriculum planning in secondary computing science

What is this?

This document is one example of how a computing science department has developed a rationale and curriculum plan from S1 to senior phase. They describe their reasons for including certain areas and context in their BGE curriculum and then detail the progression from BGE to senior phase.

PDF file: Planning for S1 computing science - Kyle Academy (210 KB)

Who is this for?

Secondary teachers of computing science

Explore this exemplar

Kyle Academy is a secondary school in South Ayrshire Council with a school roll of approximately 830 pupils.

Pupils are timetabled for one 50-minute period a week of computing science in S1 and S2. The computing science department has created a course that allows them to cover all the required content across S1 and S2, a total of 80 periods.

At the end of S2, pupils are able to select subjects to study in S3. If they select computing science they will receive two 50-minute periods a week.

Improvement questions

  • Do you use the moderation cycle to develop your curriculum?
  • Have you shared your curriculum with other schools/peers?
  • Do you have a clear narrative for your BGE and senior phase curriculum?