Last Updated: Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Food Education: Food for Thought interesting practice exemplar - Garnetbank Primary School

What is this?

​​​​​​This exemplar demonstrates the work undertaken by Garnetbank Primary School in Glasgow using Food for Thought Funding. The school purchased digital equipment to record the learners cooking. The filmed recipes were then edited and uploaded to their own YouTube Channel called ‘Kids Cook’.

Who is this for?

​Establishments that would be interested in developing their Food and Health Education programme and would be interested in creating their own YouTube Channel using some fairly basic software. It would also be useful to use the exemplar to explore the digital element of the project as the same skills and processes in creating the channel could be transferred to other areas of the curriculum​.

​How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

You are invited to use the following resources to open up discussion about creating a similar digital project in your own establishment. Equally, the recipes themselves can be used as simple, effective ideas for taking forward practical cookery without the digital element. The exemplar also explains how this project has included parents, both cooking at home with the recipes, and cooking in school alongside teachers and children.


PDF file: Food for Thought - Garnetbank Primary - Evaluation (288 KB)

PDF file: Food for Thoug​ht - Garnetbank Primary - Application Form​ (320 KB)

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Kids Cook YouTube ​channel​ - Chicken and tomato pasta​.

What was done?

The following may prove useful:

  • ​​An overview of the school's use of the Food for Thought Funding.
  • A short film featuring the learners who are explaining the process of filming and editing
  • The original Food for Thought application and the evaluation which demonstrates early impact.​​​​​


This is a long term project linking to the Food for Thought Fund, which provided the opportunity to link digital skills and cooking skills in order to develop food and health education.

What was the impact?​

Learners in all classes have been given the opportunity to make the recipes that have been uploaded to the school’s own YouTube Channel.

Some smaller groups were given the opportunity to choose and make the recipes themselves and have these filmed by older learners in the school. Primary 7 learners used the software that enabled them to edit the films and upload them to the channel. As they said on film, this was an excellent opportunity for them to develop their digital skills and will be of value to them in the future. These opportunities will be afforded to other groups of children as they move through the school in the years to come.

One particular success has been the involvement of the parents in the project and, as one the films shows, they were invited in to cook alongside their children using the recipes that the school has filmed.