Last Updated: Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Food Education: Better Eating, Better Learning - Doune Primary

What is this?

This resource demonstrates embedding food as a context for learning throughout the whole school​.

Who is this for?

​This resource is suitable for senior managers looking to enhance the food education experience for early learning and childcare practitioners, primary practitioners.

​Improvement questions​

  • Consider your establishment’s current food education experience. How can you ensure food education is not seen as a ‘bolt on’ but embedded into contexts for learning at all stages?
  • Central to the success of this project is the partnership with school catering. Is your establishment making the most of the expertise, skill and​ knowledge of this valuable resource?

Downloads / links

Better Eating Better Learning: Self-e​valuation toolkit​

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What was done?​​ 

Doune Primary received Food for Thought funding to develop and enhance the food education experience. A progressive programme of food education was developed. This has enriched the school, built further community partnerships and enabled all learners to complete the full journey from fork to plate. Through this the children are able to develop a greater understanding of sustainable food.

With the help of Food for Thought the school has established a "Kids Kitchen" for children to develop practical food skills and build knowledge. In addition, the children care for 4 healthy chickens which supply eggs for the school kitchen and classes to use. Through food contexts the school has developed a greater understanding of sustainable food as outlined in 'Better Eating Better Learning'​.

Within these contexts planned progression of knowledge, experiences and skills will be developed and built on over time. The children will continue to have a greater understanding of sustainable food within our community, healthier living and better eating​.

What was the impact?​

As a result of the Food for Thought funding, Doune Primary has further developed their existing excellent partnership with the onsite catering team, who support food education.

In addition, their efforts have been further recognised as the school was awarded the Better Eating Better Learning (BEBL) Award for primary 2017.

A number of pupils presented to over 200 national school food / school catering leads in relation to the project.​