Last Updated: Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Food for Thought projects at Dunblane Primary School and Todholm Primary School

What is this?

These exemplars outline work carried out as part of each school’s ‘Food for Thought’ funded project. Their projects helped learners to develop progressive practical cooking skills over the course of a session.

Who is this for?

The exemplars will be useful for primary practitioners involved in developing Food and Health Es and Os and improving practical cookery skills in their own establishments. Although both schools received some funding to help them, many of the ideas can be implemented without this funding.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice?

You are invited to use these exemplars to improve practice and to reflect on the following questions:

  • In what ways does the curriculum provision in your establishment incorporate practical food and health opportunities for all learners?
  • To what extent are local businesses and the local community involved in working with the school to help develop food and health?


Word file: Application for funding - Todholm Primary (86 KB)

PDF file: Food for Thought Evaluation - Todholm Primary (17 MB)

Word file: Teacher's support sheet - kitchen skills (125 KB)

Word file: Application for funding - Dunblane Primary (111 KB)

PDF file: Parent leaflet - Dunblane Primary (639 KB)

Word file: Kitchen risk assessment - Dunblane Primary (21 KB)

Word file: Cooking skills progression - Dunblane Primary (20 KB)

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What was done?

The schools organised activities that allowed children across all stages to enhance their skills for practical cooking. An outline of their plans can be seen in :

  • Original applications for Food for Thought Funding
  • Food for Thought Evaluation which provides information on the overall progress and success of one of the projects.
  • Two short films featuring the learners and the teachers who led the two projects talking about their school’s experiences in setting up their Food and Health programmes.
  • Associated Resources created by the schools including a sample risk assessment, knife skills leaflet and parent leaflet.


Learning in Food and Health was identified as an area for improvement in each school and the ‘Food for Thought Education Fund’ enabled them to buy equipment to implement their projects.

What was the impact?

Both schools were offering very little practical cookery prior to gaining funding but have now taken their schools to a level where every learner is accessing the resources and participating in a whole school progressive food and health programme. Both schools have now opened up the learning to include the community and local businesses.