Last Updated: Friday, December 30, 2022

Sketchnote – Mid Calder Primary School Nursery Class –supporting children’s creativity – January 2020

What is this?

This sketchnote provides a visual description of highly effective practice and approaches identified in the inspection of Mid Calder Primary School Nursery Class in West Lothian.

Who is this for?

Leaders and practitioners across all learning settings.

Sketchnotes provide a visual description of practice and approaches identified by HM Inspectors during scrutiny activities as worth sharing more widely. At Mid Calder Primary School, children’s creativity in the nursery class is supported by the development of pedagogy, resources and learning environments.

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Questions for discussion

Reflecting on your own setting, consider the following:

  • How do we demonstrate that all practitioners are involved in and lead aspects of improvement in our setting?
  • How do practitioners challenge and support for example creativity and problem solving with young children? How do they engage in discussion and what examples are there of this working well in practice?
  • Are children regularly involved in evaluating their play experiences and can they describe what they are learning? What do we do with this information? What changes could we make to use this more effectively?
  • How well does our indoor and outdoor space support creativity, curiosity or inquiry?
  • How well are natural materials and open-ended resources used to support sensory play, exploratory play and creativity?


PDF file: Mid Calder Primary School Nursary Class - Sketchnote (1.2 MB)

PDF file: Mid Calder Primary School Nursery Class - blog (1.1 MB)