Last Updated: Monday, November 11, 2019

Sketchnote - Our Lady of the Missions - tracking of attainment and achievement - ​​June 2019

What is this?

​​Sketchnotes provide a visual description of the practice and approaches which have been identified as practice which HM Inspectors have observed during scrutiny activities and is worth sharing more widely.

​This sketchnote provides a visual description of highly effective practice and approaches identified in the inspection of Our Lady of the Missions Primary School in East Renfrewshire Council.​

Who is this for?

​​Leaders and practitioners across all learning settings​.​​​​

​Explore this resource​

Children at Our Lady of the Mission​s Primary School are making excellent progress in their learning as a result of the highly effective tracking of attainment and achievement and a shared understanding of standards.

Questions for discussion​

Reflecting on your own setting, consider the following:-

  • ​In what ways are our approaches to raising attainment improving outcomes for children and young people?
  • ​How well do we use evidence from tracking meetings, professional dialogue and assessments to measure progress over time and in particular at points of transition?
  • ​In what ways do we apply the principles of planning, observation, assessment, recording and reporting as an integral feature of learning and teaching?
  • How effectively do we track and recognise achievements?
  • How well do we create collaborative conditions for staff to learn with and from others through critical enquiry?​


PDF file: Our Lady of the Missions Primary School - Sketchnote (1.1 MB)

PDF file: Our Lady of the Missions Primary School - Headteacher blog (1.1 MB)