Last Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sketchnote - Riccarton Early Childhood Centre - Using data to ensure progress - April 2019

What is this?

Sketchnotes provide a visual description of the practice and approaches which HM Inspectors have observed during scrutiny activities and are worth sharing more widely. At Riccarton Early Childhood Centre, children are making excellent progress in their learning due to highly effective approaches to using data to support learning, teaching and assessment.

Who is this for?

​Leaders and practitioners across all learning settings.

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This sketchnote provides a visual description of highly effective practice and approaches identified in the inspection of Riccarton Early Childhood Centre in East Ayrshire Council.

Questions for discussion

Reflecting on your own setting, consider the following:

  • How do we know that all children are making very good progress in their learning? What information do we already have and what do we still need to find out?
  • In what ways do we ensure that our approaches for planning, assessment and reporting are manageable and effective in improving children’s learning and progress?
  • How do we ensure that processes for tracking and monitoring are manageable and effective in improving learning and teaching?
  • To what extent do our approaches to tracking and monitoring children’s progress inform children’s next steps in learning?


PDF file: Riccarton Early Childhood Centre Sketchnote (1.4 MB)

Education Scotland worked with head teacher, Teresa Porter, to capture some short videos which feature details of the work done at Riccarton Early Childhood Centre including the use of tracking, planning, monitoring and assessment. There’s also a video of top tips and details of what will happen next.

See 9 videos on YouTube playlist (see small menu at top left of video).