Last Updated: Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Teacher Leadership: Using the 'How good is our project?' practitioner tool to support self-evaluation and reflection

What is this?

​This is a tool developed in Glasgow City to support self-evaluation and reflection by Challenge Leaders of Learning who lead the work of the Scottish Attainment Challenge within their own schools.

Who is this for?

​It wil be most useful for practitioners planning to lead learning and seeking to evaluate impact.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice

This tool has been developed to support practitioners in the literacy and numeracy workstreams of the Scottish Attainment Challenge in Glasgow.

Each target school in Glasgow has an appointed Challenge Leader of Learning (CLOL) who leads the work of the Challenge within their own school. Following evidence-based training, the CLOLs have used the holistic assessment and data they hold to plan a project which identifies target groups of children and the appropriate interventions required to assist in closing the poverty-related attainment gap. These interventions are drawn from the training sessions attended and focus on an aspect of either literacy or numeracy.

The tool is used to support practitioners in planning their project and ensuring they are considering key questions from How good is our school? (fourth edition). The tool supports practitioners in leading learning and leading change.

To use this tool effectively, the project developed by the practitioner needs to be embedded within the school self-evaluation and school improvement cycle. When a focus has been identified, the tool will provide a structure for one or more practitioners to begin using available data to identify target groups of children, appropriate interventions, necessary professional learning and ensure the practitioner considers the challenge questions from How good is our school? in their plan, including planned outcomes.


Word file: How good is our project? (122 KB)