Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Imagine if… approaching the curriculum creatively

What is this?

​​A creative approach to embedding learner voice in school improvement.

Imagine if....

Who is this for?

​Aimed at school leaders and quality improvement staff this resource will be valuable to all educators interested in creative approaches to planning, improvement and change ​and learner empowerment​.​

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice?

This approach offers a creative approach to capturing the needs and wishes of learners using Imagine If… questions and creativity skills activities. The process can be done with learners across all ages and stages and takes the form of a 45-60 minute workshop that can be used with class-sized groups.

The Imagine If… statements that the process generates can then be used to inform rich discussion around improving the curriculum that your school, establishment or learning environment offers founded on the voices of learners.

The process can be used individually to support a single planning session, or collectively as part of a broader process.

They can also be used in conjunction with the Transforming Learning Approach which offers a structured process for planning for improvement.

You can also download examples of the Imagine if… statements created by learners from:

St. Ninian’s Primary School, Gourock, January 2020

Muthill Primary School, February 2019.

Renfrew High School and Calderglen High School as part of the Firestarter Festival, February 2019.

Arkleston Primary School, Friockheim Primary School and Calderglen High School as part of the Imagine If… Approaching the Curriculum Creatively conference, November 2018.


Powerpoint presentation: Imagine If - workshop (281 KB)

Powerpoint presentation: Imagine If - Approaching the curriculum creatively (241 KB)

PDF file: Imagine If - statements (427 KB)

PDF file: Imagine If - workshop (404 KB)

Powerpoint presentation: Imagine If - firestarter (407 KB)