Last Updated: Monday, January 30, 2023

John Paul II Primary - Use of digital technology

What is this?

John Paul II Primary sketchnoteAt John Paul II Primary School in Glasgow City Council, HM Inspectors noted that creative and innovative use of technology motivates and engages children in their learning.

Digital technologies are at the heart of learning and teaching. Children lead and take ownership of their own learning and the digital leaders have a role in the school’s success. Creative use is made of both physical and online spaces to learn, collaborate and communicate using digital technology.

A sketchnote has been developed to capture some of this work. Additionally, the headteacher has developed a blog which tells more about the development of digital technologies in the school.

The recovery update reflects on what has changed and what may be developed further as the school progresses though this recovery year.


PDF file:  John Paul II Primary School - Sketchnote (1.2 MB)

PDF file: John Paul II Primary School - blog (1.2 MB)

PDF file:  John Paul II Primary School - recovery update (1.1 MB)