Last Updated: Friday, December 16, 2022

Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education

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What is this?

​This Statutory Guidance has been issued by Bòrd na Gàidhlig under Section 9 of the 'Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005'.

Who is this for?

​This Guidance is principally for education authorities, parents, all Scottish public authorities, cross-border public authorities with devolved functions, and everyone who is involved in Gaelic education.

​This Statutory Guidance consists of two main parts. Part one provides guidance specifically relating to the Education (Scotland) Act 2016 and its provisions for the Gaelic medium primary education (GMPE) request process and the duty placed on education authorities to promote and support Gaelic education. Part two provides further guidance relating to the provision of Gaelic education in schools.

This guidance builds on the practice and delivery that has been developed by education authorities over the last three decades. It provides further detail on how to proceed with the submission of a request to an education authority to assess the need for Gaelic medium primary education (GMPE), and an explanation of how the process works.

Relevant public authorities must have regard to this Guidance where their functions relate to Gaelic education or the provision of Gaelic education.

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Statutory Guidance for Gaelic Education