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Centres of excellence of excellenceCentres of excellenceDo you have a talented child? They may benefit from attending one of Scotland's six national centres of excellence – schools which allow gifted children to maximise their potential., PZ Content Page
Home education educationHome educationHow do you choose a school for your child? This section provides information on some of the different options available., PZ Content Page
Denominational education educationDenominational educationDenominational schools are run in the same way as other local authority schools. The majority of denominational state schools in Scotland are Roman Catholic., PZ Content Page
Special schools and units schools and unitsSpecial schools and unitsAll children in Scotland have the right to be educated in a mainstream school. However, some chidren's needs may be better met in specialist settings., PZ Content Page
Independent schools schoolsIndependent schoolsIndependent schools (sometimes called private or fee-paying schools) are privately owned and self-financing., PZ Content Page
Local state school state schoolLocal state schoolThis page outlines what should happen if you choose to send your child to a local state school., PZ Content Page
Gaelic Medium Education Medium EducationGaelic Medium EducationGaelic Medium Education is an option within Scottish education that gives children and young people an opportunity to become fluent in Gaelic., PZ Category Page GP0|#ca8967a2-8622-45b7-ae8e-780fe2f47368;L0|#0ca8967a2-8622-45b7-ae8e-780fe2f47368|Gaelic Medium Education;GTSet|#e300bc71-6335-4618-a176-0c7f5eca6420;GPP|#84fcfa77-d741-4082-a920-4c98129b7960;GPP|#f5fc2aeb-1a4a-4469-9ad3-66e0acb3273e;GPP|#c2a018e8-f604-43eb-b15a-3940008d4730

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