Last Updated: Friday, January 27, 2023

A summary of outdoor learning resources

What is this?

This page provides a summary of key information, guidance, resources and exemplification relating to outdoor learning.

Who is this for?

This page is for practitioners from all sectors and also educational decision-makers and leaders.

Why take learning outdoors?

Being outdoors and active is a vital part of growing up and living a healthy and fulfilled life. Outdoor learning benefits children, young people and adults alike. It engages our hearts through what we feel and the emotions we experience; our heads through what we think, see and say; and our hands through our physical experiences including how we move through the space the outdoors provides. Outdoor learning can happen anywhere – from the school grounds to local greenspace, from the high street to national parks; from outside your front door to the rest of the world.

Outdoor learning resources

To see a full range of online curriculum resources for outdoor learning please visit our Outdoor Learning /Learning for Sustainability Wakelet. This bank of resources has been collated in partnership with a wide range of outdoor learning and Learning for Sustainability organisations to meet the needs of practitioners across a wide range of sectors.

Key outdoor learning policies and documents

COVID-related guidance

Further resources and support

Professional learning


Case studies

Early Learning and Childcare