Last Updated: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Creative Learning Networks

What is this?

Creative Learning Networks are local authority-led initiatives that can offer you support in developing creative teaching, creative learning and creativity skills across all subjects.

Who is this for?

The Creative Learning Networks invite leaders, practitioners, learners, parents, and local partners, from all sectors, to work together to build capacity for creativity.​

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

Find your local Creative Learning Contacts, including those leading the Creative Learning Networks.

Creative Learning Networks build capacity for creativity, working closely with leaders, practitioners and learners, promoting the value of creativity skills and making strong links between creativity and employability, and the power of creativity to help narrow the attainment gap.

The Networks typically encourage collaborative working across the education, culture and communities sectors, bringing together learning practitioners and creative partners and providing high quality learning experiences, practical support and professional dialogue on creative teaching, creative learning, the development of creativity skills in learners, and the conditions in which they can flourish.

​Explore this learning and assessment resource

The Creative Learning Networks are a key delivery mechanism of Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan, which is endorsed by Scottish Government and seven of Scotland’s national learning bodies. It sets out an ambitious plan for improving the quality and quantity of creative learning opportunities, with the vision of a more creative society.
The Creative Learning Networks' overarching aims are:

  • To develop a shared language and understanding of creativity and its role across every aspect of learning, teaching and continuous improvement
  • To raise awareness of creativity and its practical application as a higher order thinking skill and as a cross-cutting theme across Curriculum for Excellence (CfE)
  • To raise levels and standards of creativity in learning and teaching in both formal and community learning contexts
  • To provide leadership on national priorities in creativity in learning for local and national partners
  • To sustain strategic partnerships between the education, community and cultural sectors locally and nationally
  • To stimulate creativity in our leaders, practitioners and learners.

Creative Learning Networks 2018-19

The following summary offers an overview of the planned activities that funded CLNs are undertaking this coming year.

Word file: CLN Intentions Summary Statements 2018-19 (53 KB)

Creative Learning Networks 2017-18

The following summaries offer an overview of the activities that funded CLNs delivered this year.

Word file: CLN Activity and Impact Summary Statements 2017-18 (32 KB)

Creative Learning Networks 2016-17

The following summaries offer an overview of the activities that funded CLNs delivered last year.

Word file: Creative Learning Networks - reach activity impact and highlights 2016-17

Word file: Summary Statements by Local Authority CLN Reports 2016-17

Word file: Activity and Impact Summary Statements 2016-17 (38 KB)

Creative Learning Networks 2015-16

This independent report is based on CLN self-evaluation reports and a survey carried out in early 2017 which gathered evidence on the impact of the CLN Fund since its inception in 2010.

PDF File: Creative Learning Networks Report 2015-16 (11 MB)

PDF File: Creative Learning Networks Report 2015-16 – sharable version (519 kb)

You can also explore the work of the CLNs by local authority and theme or focus on the online survey.

Word doc: NCLN 2015-16 Report by Theme

Word doc: NCLN 2015-16 Report by Local Authority

Word doc: Impact of the CLNs Online Survey Analysis 2010-2016