Last Updated: Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Creativity infographics

What is this?

​A suite of eight infographics which explain why creativity is integral to Curriculum for Excellence and improves outcomes for all learners.

Who is this for?

​All practitioners and learners

How to use this resource to improve practice

The eight infographics are as follows:

  • Creativity, The Big Picture: Shows how creativity relates to each of the four capacities. Defines creative learning, teaching and environments. Explains why creativity skills are essential for learning, life and work.
  • What are Creativity Skills?: Defines creativity and identifies how creativity skills might be demonstrated by learners.
  • What are Creativity Skills? (for learners): Presents the four core creativity skills and shows key aspects of each.
  • What is Creativity? (for early years): A visual stimulus about creativity skills for young learners.
  • Why are Creativity Skills Important for Attainment?: Explains how creative learning can help all learners reach their full potential.
  • Why is Creativity Important to Employers?: Explains why creativity skills are essential in all areas of employment.
  • Debunking Creativity Myths: Challenges some commonly held assumptions about creativity.
  • Support and Resources for Creativity: Provides information on additional resources and support available.

They can be used in the following contexts:

  • as a stimulus for discussion to help learners and practitioners recognise, value and articulate their creativity skills
  • as a resource to support planning for, evaluating and assessing creativity
  • as a tool to inform and inspire creativity in all areas of learning and teaching, leadership, planning and improvement
  • as a focus for professional dialogue and career-long professional learning
  • as a means of accessing the additional support and resources available in Scotland.

A set of five creativity infographics have been turned into large pull-up banners and are available to loan from your local authority's Creative Learning Network, DYW leads, or by contacting

A list of Creativity Banners Activities are also available below including ideas for learners, staff, and relating to curriculum design, creativity skills, DYW and work placements.


PDF file: Creativity, The Big Picture (3 MB)

PDF file: What are Creativity Skills? (2.1 MB)

PDF file: What are Creativity Skills? (for learners) (1.3 MB)

PDF file: What is Creativity? (for early years) (1.4 MB)

PDF file: Why are Creativity Skills Important for Attainment? (2.9 MB)

PDF file: Why is Creativity Important to Employers? (2 MB)

PDF file: Debunking Creativity Myths (2 MB)

PDF file: Support and Resources for Creativity (2.4 MB)

PDF file: Creativity banners activities (279 KB)

The largest of the infographics are designed to be viewed and navigated on screen, or printed as a pull-up banner. These include Creativity: The Big Picture, Why are Creativity Skills Important for Attainment? and Why is Creativity Important for Employers?

The smaller infographics can be printed at A3 where possible but will work at A4 for discussion purposes.

Please feel free to share and use the infographics in any way you wish, crediting Education Scotland.