Last Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Planning for and evaluating creativity

What is this?

A set of tools to help educators and learners plan for creativity, identify creativity skills and reflect on their learning.

Who is this for?

​It is for all practitioners. The skills spider diagram and survey for pupils can be adapted by practitioners for use with specific learner groups.

​How to use this approach to improve practice

The development of creativity skills is a responsibility for all and a national definition of creativity skills is in place. It is possible to develop confidence in these skills by identifying them in practice and valuing their use in a range of contexts. We can evaluate how well the experiences we offer to learners support the development of creativity skills.

Download the complete approach

Zip file: Planning for and evaluating creativity - all downloads (1.3 MB)

Explore this approach

Creativity skills spider diagram

A tool that can be used to reflect on and discuss creativity skills. It can also be used as a planning and benchmarking tool. Practitioners may wish to amend the bullet points to adapt the language for specific learner groups.

PowerPoint file: Creativity skills spider diagram (97 KB)

Creative teaching and learning graphic equaliser

A one-page A3 sheet that allows staff and learners to reflect upon how creative their learning, teaching and learning environment is in an intuitive, organic way. The tool serves as an invaluable stimulus for discussion and allows for varied perspectives and experiences to co-exist whilst offering informative overviews that can inform plans to improve teaching, learning and the learning environment.

PDF file: Creative Teaching and Learning Graphic Equaliser (162 KB)

Planning checklist – designing and delivering creative learning activities

This resource helps practitioners to plan for creativity in learning and for the development of creativity skills. It supports reflection on the design, planning, delivery and evaluation of learning experiences. 

Word file: Creativity planning checklist (337 KB)

PDF file: Creativity planning checklist (50 KB)

Evaluation checklist

This resource supports practitioners to reflect on any learning activity by asking effective questions around learners’ engagement with, management, and evaluation of their learning.

Word file: Creativity evaluation checklist (338 KB)

PDF file: Creativity evaluation checklist (49 KB)

Creative learning survey for pupils

A survey which encourages learners to reflect on creative learning experiences, the skills they have developed and why those skills might be useful to employers.

PDF file: Creative learning survey (344 KB)

Creativity skills progression framework

There are no CfE Benchmarks for creativity skills because creativity skills are highly present from early years onwards. Rather than the skills themselves, it is the context in which they are applied, and their use, which must be developed. Educators can use City of Edinburgh’s progression framework to inform their understanding and contextualising of creativity skills as learners progress from early level to the senior phase.

PDF file: 3-18 Creativity Skills: Progression Framework - City of Edinburgh Council (267 KB)