Last Updated: Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Effective observation leading to effective assessment

What is this?

The aim of this resource is to support practitioners working with young children to improve their knowledge, understanding and practice relating to assessment using effective observation.

The resource offers stimulus for professional dialogue and discussion and invites practitioners to reflect critically on their own practice in relation to how observations of learning are gathered, analysed and used to improve learning.

A number of core texts have been used and these have been referenced throughout.

Who is this for?

‚ÄčThis resource is for practitioners working with young children in early learning and childcare and early stages of primary.

How to use this learning and assessment resource to improve practice

This resource is in three parts. Each part comprises a presentation with accompanying notes. It is intended that all three parts are worked through in order; however, it is possible to use each part independently of the other two sections.

Parts 1 and 2 are shorter in length than part 3. It is suggested that part 3 be used over a number of 15-20 minute sessions.

There are number of interactive slides to stimulate reflection and discussion.

The video clips can be used as part of the resource or on their own.

The presentation can be used with the 'presentation notes' and can be organised into different sections accordingly. Notes offer additional information and commentary for each of the slides.


Powerpoint file: Part 1 - Professional Knowledge Refresh (2 MB)

Word file: Professional Knowledge Refresh - Supporting notes (32 KB)

Powerpoint file: Part 2 - Ethical Observations of Learning (2 MB)

Word file: Ethical Observations of Learning - Supporting notes (30 KB)

Powerpoint file: Part 3 - Using Observation to Improve Learning (9 MB)

Word file: Using Observation to Improve Learning - Supporting notes (40 KB)