Last Updated: Friday, January 06, 2023

Scots thesaurus

What is this?

​The Scots Thesaurus resource has been designed to accompany the pilot phase of an online resource from Glasgow University.

Who is this for?

​These activities, aimed at second level, use the context of Scots weather vocabulary to develop literacy, creative writing, presentation, comprehension, research and mathematical skills.

​The Scots Thesaurus Resource has been designed to accompany the pilot phase of the Historical Thesaurus of Scots, an online resource from the University of Glasgow which aims to categorise the vocabulary of Scots from the earliest records to the present day.

How to use this resource

The materials include an activity about a 'snaw-ghaist', the name for a spirit which people imagined they saw in swirling snow storms. There is also a resource for making  paper snowflakes with instructions written in Scots. The activities are easily adaptable for a range of age groups.

Have you followed a set of instructions written in Scots before? If not, click on the worksheet and see how you get on.


Word file: Snaw-ghaist resource (93 KB)

Word file: Snawflakes resource (585 KB)