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Profiling employability skills and wider achievements - Kingussie High School

What is this?

This exemplar provides a synoptic overview of the profiling format adopted by Kingussie High School. It also outlines its systematic approach of capturing and reporting learners' achievement both within and out with the school in recognition of its significant contribution to the development of employability skills. This is part of the school’s Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) implementation with the aim of supporting learners’ pathways towards sustained and positive destination.

Who is this for?

This exemplification will be useful for practitioners involved in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the DYW agenda. It supports professional reflections on profiling in the context of DYW and the skills development of learners across education. It also make reference to curriculum design to broaden out the learner pathways in support pf personal achievement in its widest sense.

​How to use this the Learning and assessment resource to improve practice? ​

This case study has been developed to contribute to professional learning for practitioners at all levels working with children and young people from 3 – 18. It is structured to both inform and to support reflection on existing strengths and areas of development around profiling within the context of DYW.

The exemplar focuses on three specific elements:

  • E-Portfolios
  • Wider Achievement Reporting
  • Visual CV’s.

You are invited to use this exemplar to reflect on the following questions:

  • ​To what extent do I engage children and young people in meaningful discussions​ about their skills development and assist them in profiling to support their career journeys?
  • How does my/our current practice relate to the profiling guidelines expressed within the CfE Briefing notes ‘Profiling and S3 Profiles’?
  • To what extent do I make use of relevant digital and online resources, in particular My World of Work?
  • How well do I use profiling with children and young people to discuss their progress particularly at transition stages?
  • To what extend do I support children and young people in the planning of future learning and envisaging career pathways?


Word file: DYW Interesting Practice: Kingussie High School

This PowerPoint presentation offers an overview of the development work in this area.​
Powerpoint Presentation: Developing Employability and Skills - Profiling

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Explore this exemplar​

What was done and why?

Profiling is a key component of a student's development at Kingussie High School. It built E-Portfolio through Google Sites which allows student to store a variety of pieces of information about themselves, their learning and their skill development, digitally. In recognition of significant impact of wider achievement on the development of skills the school records and reports on this regularly. The information contributes to the wider profiling and reflection process of learners.
In order to support learners in articulating their skills and career aspirations the school has developed visual CVs linked to their skills framework.

What is its impact?

The above components are part of the school's wider DYW ambition to foster career aspirations and increase the employability of learners. It also contributes to the wider attainment of learners, which has significantly increased over the last 3 years. This has been documented in the school's 'Developing your Senior Phase Curriculum documentation.​

PDF file: Attainment graphs (Larger version 737 KB)​

What is wider curriculum rational at Kingussie High School?

Kingussie High School adopted a radical approach to curriculum design which allowed them to open up their option choices to include a wide range of vocational, work-based learning courses. Within 3 years the school has widened their offer from 20 traditional subject areas to 46 course choices overall.

PDF file: KHS Curriculum Evolution (59 KB)

The ​KHS Curriculum Rationale 2018-2019 is learner focused which provides all young people with a wide range of opportunities to develop skills, gain relevant qualifications and get involved in  extra-curricular experiences that broadens their horizon.  Employability and career pathway progression are central to this with course choices and learning experiences such as beekeeping qualifications offered alongside technology (Sustainability), Engineering Science, Rural Skills, Activity Tourism and many other industry relevant accredited courses.

PDF file: KHS Curriculum Rationale 2018-2019 (539 KB)

PDF file: KHS Timetabling - In a Nutshell (224 KB)