Last Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021

Numeracy in Inverclyde

What is this?

​​This exemplar encapsulates work dedicated to numeracy at early and first levels that has been funded through the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

Who is this for?

​This exemplar will be useful to all practitioners involved in primary education, leaders in schools and local education authorities.

How to use this exemplar to improve practice

This article along with reflective questions, a case study and materials that could be used at professional learning sessions or in classrooms, invites you to consider the numeracy environment within your establishment. You may also wish to use the National Numeracy Hub to  provide further professional learning and support.

Improvement questions

  • Beginning - How confident are your staff in developing creative approaches to numeracy?
  • Emerging -  In your setting, how effective is the leadership of numeracy development  to promote equity and raise attainment for all children and young people?
  • Integrated – In your school, how do you involve children and young people in planning and identifying opportunities for personalisation and choice? How can you demonstrate this personalisation and choice is improving outcomes for children and young people?


Powerpoint file: Inverclyde Numeracy Training (265 KB)

Word file: Case Study on Numeracy Coach and Modelling Officer (36.3 KB)

Word file: Micro-adjustment tip sheet for practitioners (60.4 KB)

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What was done?

In their Scottish Attainment Challenge work, Inverclyde is trialling approaches in numeracy across a group of focus schools. The Numeracy Coaching and Modelling Officer has led local authority work to:

  • Increase teacher knowledge and skills to engage children in learning in numeracy.
  • Increase teacher motivation to look for other resources to enhance learning in numeracy.
  • Increase teacher skill in on-going assessment and reflective planning to meet the needs of children.



As the result of being identified as a Challenge Authority, Inverclyde identified numeracy as an area for improvement, supported by Attainment Fund Scotland.

What was the impact?

Staff skills and knowledge have been developed through high quality professional learning opportunities. Numeracy rich environments have been enhanced through the work of the Numeracy Coaching and Modelling Officer.