Last Updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2022

North Berwick High School – professional learning and learning, teaching and assessment

What is this?

Sketchnote - North Berwick High SchoolHM Inspectors found high-quality professional learning and innovative approaches to learning, teaching and assessment at North Berwick High School. Young people at all stages are encouraged to ‘Aim Higher’ and take responsibility for their own learning and progress to improve their attainment.

A sketchnote has been developed to capture some of this work. Additionally, the headteacher and depute headeteacher have provided a blog about their practice. The recovery update reflects on what has changed and future plans for the school during this recovery year.


PDF file: North Berwick High School - Sketchnote (1.1 MB)

PDF file: North Berwick High School - blog (1.2 MB)

PDF file: North Berwick High School - recovery update (1.1 MB)