Last Updated: Tuesday, December 13, 2022

St Teresa’s Primary School - Inclusion

What is this?

Sketchnote - St Teresa's PrimaryAt St Teresa’s Primary School in North Lanarkshire, there is an outstanding ethos of inclusion, which is improving the learning experiences of all children in the school. Approaches to meet learners’ needs are highly effective, with professional learning enhancing the capacity of staff and parents.

A sketchnote has been developed to capture some of this work. Additionally, the headteacher has created a blog which tells how the school has developed its approach to inclusion.

The recovery update from the acting headteacher reflects on what has changed and future plans for the school during this recovery year.


PDF file: St Teresa’s Primary School - Sketchnote (1.3 MB)

PDF file: St Teresa’s Primary School - blog (1.2 MB)

PDF file: St Teresa’s Primary School - recovery update (1.1 MB)