Professional learning for early career teachers

Professional Learning Events

Professional learning events include webinars and in person sessions. These can be searched by key words or phrases to look for specific subjects or filtered by date or type of event (online or in-person).

Professional Learning Programmes

The Numeracy and Mathematics Team offer programmes for early career teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Each programme aims to raise awareness of core pedagogical approaches within Numeracy and Mathematics and enhance teacher confidence in using them. There will be a combination of live webinars and self-directed learning.

Topics include:

  • number and number processes
  • fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
  • making the most of manipulatives
  • time
  • money
  • data and analysis
  • chance and uncertainty
  • taking maths out of the department
  • effective questioning approaches

Education Scotland's Professional Learning and Leadership team deliver a range of leadership programmes for class teachers, middle leaders and school and system leaders. 

Please provide us with your contact information if you would like to be kept informed about future Leadership Professional Learning programmes.

Professional Learning Activities

Our website also hosts a growing collection of Professional Learning Activities (PLAs). These are stand-alone modules on a variety of themes that can be worked through at your own pace. You will need to to register for an account to view these resources.