Coaching in Education:

Coaching research

Coaching and mentoring research aims to develop knowledge and understanding of the theory, research and practice of coaching, which educators may be interested in, to complement the development of their skills.

The following resources provide research studies and other readings to develop your knowledge and understanding of the theory, research and practice of coaching in education.

CollectivED – The Centre for Mentoring, Coaching and Professional Learning at The Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University - regularly publish research reportsWorking Papers written by practitioners, Blog posts, and podcasts/videos – all with a focus on coaching, mentoring and professional learning. 

  • Reflective practice: Know You More coaches Dr Jeremy Hinks and Mandy Murphy offer their thoughts on reflective practice as a means of helping yourself and others to navigate complex change.
  • Growth Coaching International have compiled a list of all English-language research studies and other useful resources for coaching in education, eg articles in academic journals, books, book chapters, reports, websites etc. Entries in the compilation are hyperlinked to the original article, or an abstract, and the resource is updated regularly – available at In due course, a similar resource may be compiled for research into mentoring in education.
  • University repositories often hold full copies of published research studies which are otherwise available only in subscription journals. Some research studies about coaching in education are available in the repository of the University of East London
  • Further Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring by David Megginson and David Clutterbuck, Butterworth-Heinemann (2009) 
  • Quiet Leadership by David Rock, Harper-Collins (2007) 
  • Coaching in Education by Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Routledge (2012)
  • Professional Learning Conversations edited by Helen Timperley
  • Coaching Psychology in Schools by Mark Adams, Routledge (2016)
  • An Introduction to Coaching Skills: A Practical Guide (3rd edition) by Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Sage (2020)
  • The Leader’s Guide to Coaching in Schools by John Campbell and Christian van Nieuwerburgh, Sage (2018)