Coaching in Education:

Coaching to support Professional Learning

Coaching and mentoring approaches have long been as essential part of the Scottish education system and are built into the structures that support and enable our professional learning.

The national model for professional learning

The national model of professional learning identifies the key principles and features of effective learning that will build capacity and promote collaborative practice. The model provides a shared language and aspiration, informing the provision, structure and nature of learning. It places learning conversations underpinned by coaching approaches to stimulate, challenge and support thinking as central to this.

We live and work in a complex and dynamic society. This means that education professionals need to be critically informed, have professional values and knowledge and take actions that ensure a positive impact on learners and learning.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s (GTCS) Professional Standards

The General Teaching Council for Scotland’s (GTCS) Professional Standards have been developed to support self-evaluation within professional learning.

The Professional Standards outline what it means to become, to be and to grow as a teacher in Scotland. A commitment to the professional values of social justice, trust and respect and integrity are at the heart of the Professional Standards and underpin our relationships, thinking and professional practice in Scotland.   (GTCS 2020)

The GTCS Professional Standards can be used to identify, plan and develop professional learning needs, ensure continuing development of professional practice as part of the ongoing engagement in the Professional Review and Development (PRD) process.

Professional Review and Development

This professional learning conversation is underpinned by coaching approaches which aim to both support and challenge professional thinking and practice and to help identify next steps in professional learning. The GTC Scotland Unlocking the Potential of Professional Review and Development guidance and resources offer further support.