Last Updated: Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Recognising and realising children’s rights: A professional learning resource to promote self-evaluation and improvement planning

What is this?

This is a one day professional learning module which:

  • Raises awareness and develops knowledge and understanding of the United Nation Convention of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC);
  • Allows establishments to self-evaluate their practice in light of the UNCRC;
  • Supports improvement planning within establishments.

Who is this for?

​All practitioners (particularly in primary and secondary).

Explore this approach

This professional learning resource helps improve practitioners' knowledge, understanding and application of the UNCRC. It:

  • explores the UNCRC articles;
  • looks at the evolution of children’s rights across the world;
  • links the UNCRC articles to the Scottish education context and provides tools to support self-evaluation and improvement;
  • provides helpful case studies to demonstrate practice in this area.

How to use this self-evaluation approach to improve practice

This self-evaluation approach could be used to provide professional learning to practitioners around the UNCRC and to help them reflect on how they are taking forward children’s rights within their school context. It also links well to How Good is Our School? (fourth edition).

Some key improvement questions include:

  • How well do we understand the UNCRC and how the articles within it relate to the practice in our school?
  • How well do we understand and demonstrate our role as duty bearers of children’s rights?
  • To what extent do we make links between the UNCRC and our culture, values and ethos; skills and activities; curricular programmes and targeted support?


PDF file: Children’s Rights - What? Why? How? - Participants booklet (570 KB)

Powerpoint presentation: Children’s Rights and the Current Context - Part 1 – What are they? (2.2 MB)

Powerpoint presentation: Children’s Rights and the Current Context - Part 2 – Why do they matter? (5.3 MB)

Powerpoint presentation: Children’s Rights and the Current Context - Part 3 – How do we embed them? (913 KB)

Word file: Self-evaluation document (51KB)