Last Updated: Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Numeracy Professional Learning Resources

What is this?

A suite of five professional learning papers, together with an accompanying guidance document and glossary, designed to support improved learning and teaching of numeracy in the Broad General Education.

Who is this for?

All practitioners with responsibility for the teaching and learning of numeracy from early to fourth level. This resource can also be used by curriculum leads/ coordinators and school leaders to support improvements in learning, teaching and assessment of key themes of numeracy within the Broad General Education.

Explore this resource

Children doing mathsThis package of professional learning resources aims to enhance knowledge and understanding of effective learning and teaching progression, whilst impacting positively on numeracy attainment. It includes the following resources:

  • Guidance document
  • Number and Number Processes
  • Fractions, Decimal Fractions and Percentages
  • Time
  • Data and Analysis
  • Ideas of Chance and Uncertainty
  • Glossary

These resources, produced as part of the National Improvement Framework, aim to support schools and establishments to identify opportunities for targeted learning and enhance the effective teaching of numeracy concepts and associated skills. They also aim to help practitioners to:

  • identify methods for enhancing learners’ progression and skills in numeracy and support application;
  • plan how to develop their own practice to ensure the progression of skills when teaching numeracy.

Within each document there is progressive guidance for each level from early through to fourth. Each level includes the following:

  • Effective learning and teaching approaches;
  • Things to consider;
  • Links to other curricular areas;
  • Reflective questions.

In addition to supporting practitioners to review and reflect on the current progress of their learners, this resource also supports practitioners to identify development themes required for the reinforcement of learning. Furthermore, this resource can support practitioners to review and reflect strengths and improvement areas within their own professional learning.

School leaders can use this resource to support curriculum development and improvement. Local authority leaders can use this resource to support consideration and enhancement of centrally provided professional learning offers to practitioners.

Please note - Gaelic versions of these Professional Learning Resources are currently being prepared and will be available soon.


PDF file: Guidance document (510 KB)

PDF file: Number and Number Processes (2.7 MB)

PDF file: Fractions, Decimal Fractions and Percentages (1.9 MB)

PDF file: Time (2.1 MB)

PDF file: Data and Analysis (1.8 MB)

PDF file: Ideas of Chance and Uncertainty (652 KB)

PDF file: Glossary (436 KB)