Last Updated: Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Transforming learning

What is this?

The Transforming Learning Approach is aimed at empowering transformational change and leadership at all levels. It offers a 'three wheels' framework which allows practitioners to agree transformational change actions and follow them through to successful completion over one to three years.

Who is this for?

This approach can be used to support transformational change actions across all learning:

  • Early learning and childcare
  • Community learning and development
  • Schools
  • Further education
  • Third sector and training providers
  • Local authority.

Explore this approach

This video clip provides an overview of the Transforming Learning Approach.


You can watch and share the full ten minute film, which walks you through each of the elements and tools within the Approach in detail, here.

The Transforming Learning Approach also includes the following printable and digital materials ideal for practical use.

Word file: Cover (1 MB)

Word file: Scoping, scanning (161 KB)

Word file: Inwards, outwards, forwards (1.5 MB)

Word file: Action points (113 KB)

Word file: Summary planning (125 KB)

Word file: Aspirational Actions (101 KB)

Word file: One-year plan (47 KB)

Word file: Risks and hazards (119 KB)

Word file: Evidence and impact (125 KB)

Word file: Impact and analysis (108 KB)


Word file: Transforming learning - Full resource (3 MB)

PPT file: Transforming learning - The overview (2.61 MB)

PPT file: Transforming learning - The approach (8.5 MB)

PDF file: Transforming learning - Scoping and scanning cycle (935 KB)